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Introduction to Legal Materials

A Manual for Non-Law Librarians in Wisconsin

This guide was compiled by the Public Access to Legal Information Committee. Anyone may download a free copy here. Bound copies are available for $10. To purchase a bound copy, contact Sunil Rao, UW Law Library, 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706, or email

Download the entire book (pdf): Introduction to Legal Materials (1.4 MB)

Download sections of the book (pdf):

Preface and Detailed Table of Contents (253 KB)

Section I - The Judicial System (308 KB)

Section II - The Legislative System (196 KB)

Section III - Administrative Law (196 KB)

Section IV - Foreign, International and Comparative Law (190 KB)

Section V - Other Research Tools (303 KB)

Section VI - Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw and other Fee-based Electronic Resources (167 KB)

Section VII - How to Read Legal Citations (231 KB)

Section VIII - Collection Development (167 KB)

Section IX - Legal Reference and Legal Advice (127 KB)

Section X - Document Delivery (159 KB)

Appendix A - Glossary (104 KB)

Appendix B - Major Wisconsin Law Libraries (89 KB)

Appendix C - Government Documents Collections in Wisconsin (253 KB)

Appendix D - Selected Legal Publishers (99 KB)

Appendix E - Legal Information/Assistance Sources in Wisconsin (130 KB)

Appendix F - Bibliography on Public Access to Legal Information (94 KB)

Appendix G - Committee on Public Access to Legal Information (1988-1989) (70 KB)