(last updated October 2019)

WestPac Needs YOU!

To those who do not currently serve in an assignment: WestPac can use everyone who is willing. Some assignments take very little time, while others are more substantial. Some assignments are “seasonal” with time commitments that vary throughout the year. If you’d like to get involved, contact the President with information about your availability and interests. Serving on a committee is a great way to develop strong relationships with other WestPac librarians (aka cool people).

If you are already serving on a committee or as an officer, THANK-YOU! WestPac couldn’t function without people like you.


Jacque Jurkins (Chair)

Constitution and Bylaws

Geri Cepeda (Chair)
Kent Milunovich
Deb Person
LeighAnne Thompson
Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson


Kerry Fitz-Gerald (Chair)
Kathy Carlson
Mari Cheney
Bonnie Geldmacher
Sue Ludington
Karen Selden
Lisa Schultz
Angela Wang

Grants and Awards

Stacey Gordon (Chair)
Jaye Barlous
Alicia Brillon
Hilary Hardcastle
Robert Truman
Kent Milunovich

Government Relations

David McFadden (Chair)
Alaska: Anna Russell
California: David McFadden
Hawaii: Jenny Silbiger
Idaho: Michael Greenlee
Montana: Stacey Gordon Sterling
Nevada: Shanna Pritchett
Oregon: Kelly Christianson Reynolds
Utah: (volunteer needed)
Washington: Ashley Sundin
Wyoming: Kathy Carlson

Local Arrangements – Reno

David McClure (Chair)
Jason Sowards
Shanna Pritchett
Amanda VanEver
Emily Reed
Sarah Bates
Shannon Lynch
Jeanne Price
Lena Rieke
Cindy Claus
Victoria Tokar
Youngwoo Ban
Jim Rich


Ashley Sundin (Co-Chair)
Suzanne Darais (Co-Chair)

Nominations and Elections

Kerry Lohmeier (Chair)
Barbara Swatt Engstrom
Anna Blaine
Annalee Hickman


Megan Austin, Co-Editor
Lena Rieke, Co-Editor

Public Relations

Felicity Murphy (Co-Chair)
Alison Perry (Co-Chair)

Site Selection

Dennis Sears (Chair)
Valeri Craigle
Ning Han
Tina Ching
Kerry Lohmeier
Tawnya Plumb

Communication & Internet

Megan Austin & Lena Rieke (Newsletter)
Camilla Tubbs & Tammy Oltz (Social Media)
Laurie Urquiaga (Webmaster)