The Further Adventures of Willie WestPac

January 2016

Many of you may know that our original Willie disappeared sometime ago. So we found a replacement but he promptly disappeared as well. So, once again a new Willie was acquired (right). As you can see below we now have two Willies because the lost has been found!

heir and spare

Where has he been?

What has he seen?

Absolutely nothing, but the inside of a chest of drawers. Why? Because I took him to my mother for a tailored Hawaiian shirt. Unfortunately, my mother broke her arm and came to convalesce in my home. Somehow he was put away in the drawer at that time and forgotten. Just before the Hawaii meeting, I was searching my mother’s house for something and who should I find? Willie 1 traveled with me to Hawaii where I was able to find both Willies their own Hawaiian shirts. So now we have the heir and a spare.

— Harriet Zook