Life Membership

Granting life membership in WestPac is one of the ways our Chapter acknowledges the hard work and dedication to the law library profession exhibited by our members. The chapter By-laws list the criteria for a member to be eligible for consideration as a Life Member as follows:

  1. active members of the chapter for 10 or more years,
  2. age 55 or older, and
  3. retired from active law library work.

Candidates for life membership may be submitted to the Membership Chair, who, after the secretary has certified that nominees have been members of the Chapter for at least 10 years, will submit them to the Chapter Executive Board for its approval. The Membership Chair then presents the list of approved candidates to the membership for a vote at the annual business meeting.

Membership Renewal Form (pdf)

Life Members

  • Viola Bird [deceased]
  • Connie Edward Bolden
  • Patricia Chapman
  • Kristin Cheney
  • Mary Clayton
  • Andrea Coffman
  • Curt Conklin
  • Mary Lou Cordis
  • Shirley David
  • Cynthia Fellows
  • Marian Gallagher [deceased]
  • Francis Gates [deceased]
  • Mary Edith Gilbertson
  • R. Genevieve Grove [deceased]
  • Penny Hazelton
  • Katherine Henderson
  • Dan Henke [deceased]
  • Joni Herbst
  • Jean Holcomb
  • Helen Hotchkiss [deceased]
  • Dennis Hyatt
  • Carole Granger Johnson
  • Ann Karlen
  • Crystella Kauka
  • Tim Kearley
  • Virginia Kelsh
  • Ann Koto
  • Alfred Lewis
  • Sandra Marz
  • Judy Meadows
  • Bethany Ochal [deceased]
  • Larry Piper
  • Elizabeth-Anne Quigley [deceased]
  • Louise Roysdon
  • Mortimer Schwartz [deceased]
  • Lei Seeger
  • Fritz Snyder
  • Delsie Stayner
  • Anita Martin Steele
  • Linda Stephenson
  • Gary L. Stromme
  • Cossette Sun
  • Momoe Tanaka [deceased]
  • Mary Unruh
  • Lee Warthen [deceased]
  • Nancy Westcott
  • Elizabeth R. Wilkins [deceased]
  • Irene Wong [deceased]