WestPac Willy — Bison-napped?!?

Fall & Winter 2009

Neil Campbell, 2008-2009 Local Arrangements Committee Chair, 2/24/2009

OK, I know it says in the latest newsletter that we have Willy in Victoria, but there is no bison by that name residing here. Could Willy be lost? On a long bender? Did he end up going to Victoria, Australia, or one of the many other Victoria’s in far reaches of the Commonwealth? Did he decide to chuck it all and go back to Hawaii? A victim of transborder bureaucracy, perhaps. Did he tell Canadian customs that he was not bringing duty-free booze into Canada, a sure sign of criminal intent, because what Canadian would do that?

If you have any knowledge of Willy’s whereabouts or travel itinerary, please let me know. All replies will be kept in confidence.

Soon thereafter posted on the WestPac website …

Latest Adventure: Lost!

Alas, the saga of WestPac Willy continues… Willy was kidnapped from our table at the 2009 AALL exhibit hall. The question remains “Where in the world is Willy?” We are feverishly looking for his twin brother or maybe his son? If you know where to find another Willy with similar size dimensions so that his clothes will fit, contact me or Tim Kelly who has been tasked with finding a replacement.

Swee Berkey, WestPac President

Swee Berkey, 2/26/2009

Found a few broken hearts on the beach at Waikiki but no sign of wandering Willy……

Neil Campbell, 2/25/2009

Willy was lost, but now is found! The bison-napper has been confronted and has given a contrite admission of hoarding said bison, and has given a promise under seal to send Willy along to Victoria as soon as the snow melts in . . . ?! Willy probably wants to escape the snow soon, as the daffodils are just appearing in Victoria, although there won’t be as many, or any, bison playmates in Victoria as their are in . . . ?!

Willy with "special friend" in MontanaStacey Gordon, 3/3/2009

Neil has been very gracious in not revealing my identity as the bison-napper. Nevertheless, since some of you have actually been looking for Willy, I feel I should apologize and offer an explanation for why Willy is still in Montana. As you can see, Willy has made a special friend in Montana and hasn’t wanted to leave her. He agreed to leave in the spring, but since this is Montana and the snow is never, ever going to melt (it snowed again this morning), I have assured Neil that Willy will be on his way to Victoria post haste.

Neil Campbell, 3/13/2009Willy on paper cutter

OK, those concerned about the paper cutter that Willy is sitting on in the most recent photographs I sent can rest assured that Willy hasn’t become shredded bison. Willy has had on that Hawaiian shirt for two years now and after the photograph was taken we had to chop it off him. But Willy is ok and will be clothed with more suitable Canadian and Victoria attire in due course.

Neil Campbell, 3/18/2009

Willy is safeI wish to report that Willy has now safely arrived in Victoria on the only time in Victoria’s history that it actually snowed on that date in March. (Thanks a lot for sending that as well, Stacey).

Willy has recovered from the trauma and jetlag of his arduous journey, including being shaken down by Canada Customs, and is getting acquainted with the UVic Law Library staff, as the attached photograph attests.

We’ll keep you posted on Willy’s Canadian adventures and beyond.